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When you hear about “Laser Dentistry” most people have images of Star Wars. The truth is Laser Dentistry is much more gentle. Lasers are found in products you use every day including DVD players. CD players and supermarket scanners. Most of our patients that have experienced Laser Dentistry prefer it to the old needle and drill. Dental lasers have been approved for use by the FDA for children and adults. Our dental laser was designed specifically for use on teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth.


Some advantages of Laser Dentistry include:

  • Reduced or No local anesthesia (“numb or sleeping” mouth)
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Reduced postoperative discomfort
  • Reduced chance of postoperative infection
  • Improved bonding process

Our Dental Laser can:

  • Remove dental decay (cavities)
  • Desensitize sensitive teeth
  • Reshape “gummy smiles”
  • Frenectomy (frenulumectomy)
  • Soft tissue biopsies
  • Tooth preparation
  • Treat oral ulcers
  • Remove old composite fillings

A dental laser generates a beam of concentrated light. The beam of light brings energy into your child’s mouth to help us remove areas of tooth decay and infection with precision and accuracy. The laser beam sterilizes the affected area and seals off blood vessels, which minimizes the chance of infection and bleeding. Laser dental patients are much more comfortable both during and after treatment, because in most instances, the need for anesthetic injections is eliminated, as well as the associated side effects.


Heat and vibration are the causes of much of the pain associated with the drill. Since water laser cutting does not transmit heat or vibration, most dental procedures can be performed without discomfort, virtually eliminating the need for anesthesia in most patients.

We use the Biolase Waterlase MD in our office. Biolase first introduced the first Waterlase in 1996. Our Waterlase MD is the second generation of the Waterlase line of lasers and incorporates greater adjustability, and improved design than the original Waterlase. After years of investigating the technology and benefits of dental lasers, we purchased our Biolase Waterlase MD in 2006. We are one of the first Pediatric Dental offices in Pennsylvania to utilize Dental Lasers. We feel dental lasers are the future of dentistry. Our office has the future here, today.

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